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Yes, we leak (part 2)

The only verdict is vengeance; a vendetta,
held as a votive,  not in vain,
for the value and veracity of such shall one day vindicate the vigilant and the virtuous.

- V in V for Vendetta

And so it came about that the internetz went to War with the rest of the world, and governments and corperation got a serious hadeache while teens and script-kiddies bombarded their servers and molested their homepages.

And then this may be a bit childish, but it is out there nonetheless.

YouTube Preview Image

What to do then? — well, you can go down to Sourceforge and download something called an “Low Orbit Ion Cannon” (when Nukes fail). Or go down on IRC and see the kids play;, #wikileaks and #operationpayback. Spread the word, read the cables, pubish.

Also, you might want to give my new tooly a spin; easy web based hammering of services, and monitoring if the current targets are still up. Wait? Wut?

Operation Avenge Assange Monitor

Operation Avenge Assange Monitor

Now this isn’t fully functional yet, and especially the web based version needs to use a terribly slow proxy of my own design; but when downloading the .exe, and using it stand alone works just fine. And no, I didn’t pack it with a nasty virus or a terrible trojan to f*ck your system. … yet.

So get out of here and try the Operation Payback Monitor

#UPDATE 12/14/2010 through overwhelming succes, and the fact that I actually DDoSsed myself by accident, the page has been taken offline. Operation Payback is over for now. Gentlemen, silence your weapons.

Yes, we Leak.

Free Bradley Manning
Free Julien Assange
Assange was arrested today and I got no key for my 1.4 gig insurance file. I am however hosting a ip-link to the cables ( ) and I’m almost ashamed to admit that, that is all I can do from here. For now.

I was going to write a short on the companies I’ll never do business with again, namely those that refused or refuted the wikipages to be associated with them, but the Guardian beat me to the punch.

Still, here they are:

  • ableau Software
  • Amazon
  • OVH, france (how can you be afraid of a little man like Sarkozy, for all intend and purposes he is a midget, I hate the French)
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Postfinance
  • Paypal
  • Twitter (omitting trending topics, terrible bastards)

On the upside, these organisation are actively supporting the Leaks, so praise and joy be upon them (Google them if you want the links, you lazy fuck) :

  • Switch (Swiss)
  • The Pirate Party
  • The Guardian (yey!)

and in Holland:

  • E-dot, Byte and XS4ALL
  • Powned (mirror)
  • VPRO (mirror)
  • Geenstijl (mirror)

More important links here and of course here

Some random cables, I do have a day job, but these titles got my attention: “XXXXXXXXXXXXX”  catchy non? Referring to an article stating that the american government is acting on behalf on Google in China: 09BEIJING1336 . Google, which, I might add, has not censored any Wikileak pages from it’s index (or have they?)
Also this cable 08FREETOWN389; “COCAINE BUST: MINISTER OF TRANSPORTATION SACKED”, because Cocaine always gets my attention.

Ow , and here is a tip for journalists: use the fucking tag for a cable, so we know what you are talking about.

Another pro-tip: search cables here through the nifty cable search engine (beta)


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Then the world changed…

I didn’t do anything, as we were to busy smelling each others farts.
-You, probably me, talking to your kid in thirty years time. Explaining why it is such a mess then.

This is one of those posts, that should start with something about how long I haven’t posted  on this blog. Although that would be true, and it would make an okay opening I guess, I am starting with something else. Something you’ve all heard about by now, even those suckers who are trapped on this page by a Google on ‘ duct tape’ .  I mean you, accidental visitor who searched for duct tape. And who choose ‘images’ on Google to search. And couldn’t help yourself when you saw this picture on page 2. And thank you 14000 visitors a month.

Yes, now you are here on a completely different subject. It is not what you are looking for, but read on anyway; All of you who read this, just click ‘more’, and read on for a bit. It is needed and it is important.


Yes, You need to see this

“5th April 2010 10:44 EST WikiLeaks has released a classified US military video depicting the indiscriminate slaying of over a dozen people in the Iraqi suburb of New Baghdad — including two Reuters news staff.”

YouTube Preview Image

check it all at Collateral Murder and bookmark the site