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Marduq IV: We are away …

“This is Fleet Command. Reporting Mothership pre-launch status.”
Command on-line
Resourcing online
Construction online
Cryogenic subsections A through J online
K through S online
Scaffold Control stand by for alignment
Alignment confirmed. Stand by Release Control.
The Mothership has cleared the Scaffold.
We are away.”

- Homeworld, 3b Mission: Kharak System (Sierra)


"The Mothership has cleared the Scaffold. We are away"

HTML5 Video for the rest of us

“Until now, video on the web has been stuck inside a little black box”

– – Brett Gaylor.

Together with the fine folks at Beyond Reality we’ve have upgraded our interactive video platform Marduq to a new HTML5, cross browser and cross device platform, with responsive design, web 2.0, ajax, jQuery, graceful fallback for old web browsers and all the other buzz words you usually find announcing such a product.

It even supports Wordpress embedding out of the box; Check out this clip from when we were VJs. With overlays, Comments Twitter and whatnot:

See that. SEE THAT! Ha. Ha HA haha ha. Pwnd!

So beside being an awesome HTML5-first video player, it is also an iPhone-, iPad- and Android-app that allows taking pictures and hooking them up with videoclips.

Wait, wut?

Okay, say you are reading an excellent magazine like Landbouwmechanisatie (with cool stories about farmingmachines) and you are reading an article about the New Holland t7,170 ( a Tractor ) and then you want to know more. Pull out your phone or tablet, download the app, and make a picture of the picture in the magazine (yo dog).
The picture will work like a QR-Code linking you up with a video review of that New Holland t7,170. Which you can than view at your leisure.

Not only will it show video, but as you can see you can add stuff, like titling, pictures and so on to the video, spicing it up with whatever you like, and these overlays will be triggered by the time-code of the video. So if Smith is interviewed and enters the video, you can add a little caption with his Linkedin information, background info and current GPS information. Whatever you can find on the interwubz about mr Smith.

Moar popcorn please!


Now we’ve been working with time-based content in Flash for over 5 years, but in the wonderful world of HTML5 we are no longer lone missionaries preaching the gospel of interactive video, there is a whole scene at Mozilla who are working along the same thoughts as we have.

The good people overseas even launching something called Popcorn Maker. And popcorn maker is nice, and for everybody and it’s free to use, and it’s open source, and the world is more beautiful now it has arrived :)

With popcorn.js developer-people like myself can bake little gadgets and toys and playthings like this one.


And there is more. Now shit gets serious, as I packed the Seriously.js web shader library in there. Shaders are like Photoshop-effects for anything visual in a program, but on an interesting mixture of speed an acid. And all in real time, accelerated right there on your Graphical Processing Unit (GPU). The code of those shaders looks like it’s on acid too:

//constant variables.\n' +
'const vec4 one = vec4(1.0);\n' +
'const vec4 two = vec4(2.0);\n' +
'const vec4 lumcoeff = vec4(0.2125,0.7154,0.0721,0.0);\n' +
'\n' +
'vec4 overlay(vec4 myInput, vec4 previousmix, vec4 amount) {\n' +
'	float luminance = dot(previousmix,lumcoeff);\n' +
'	float mixamount = clamp((luminance - 0.45) * 10.0, 0.0, 1.0);\n' +
'\n' +
'	vec4 branch1 = two * previousmix * myInput;\n' +
'	vec4 branch2 = one - (two * (one - previousmix) * (one - myInput));\n' +
'\n' +
'	vec4 result = mix(branch1, branch2, vec4(mixamount) );\n' +
'\n' +

But that is mostly because I suck at OpenGL. Which this isn’t. Not exactly. This is what they call WebGL, which is almost the same thing, only totally different, but at which I also suck. There is hope however, programming languages can be learned. Even these weird derivative languages that feed directly into your GPU. Sadly enough only Chrome and Safari support it. And the iPad is said to support it only in iAd, not in the ‘normal’ browser. Bastards.

In plain English: Shaders are a large part of what Instagram does, but I’m using it for real-time effects on my video playback. And yeah, it is pretty awesome like that.

Also in 3D!

But Wait!  There is more!
But this is still so extremely experimental that you might blow your computer. So please, use caution while clicking on this link. Here is another implementation of 3D on the web displayed.

You are now looking at with a special implementation of a CSSRenderer that I cooked up over christmas.

This is extremely cool, because it allows me to render HTML boxes as text and pictures and well, as HTML in the CSS renderer and I can render cool and nifty special three dimensional effects like models, shaders and lights through threejs in WebGL. Sadly enough, video routed through canvas is pretty slow, so I need to route that through the CSS renderer, which allows only modest special effects.

But chin up, this is going to be the new interfaces for all your holoscreen setups of the future!


Spider Jeruzalem already has a holoscreen, the bastard

Also, I want Google Glass. Now. No really, as in right f*cking now.

That is al very nice and dandy, but what the f**k does that toy of yours do?

Hm. Ah! yes, it’s a little mouse recorder — it syncs your mousemovements to the time marker in the video, effectively replaying your mousemovents as you play back the video.  Needs some polishing up, but I thought it was neat, and build with popcorn. And GML. Works great on an iPad.

#update 25/2/2013: NOTE from my lawyer; I made this! All copyright is held by ME! Or rather, by, for licencing fees and inquireies, please refer to or, (or

Motherfocking Crossfader and two youtube Videos

Well now,

I’ve finally completed my youtube crossfader thingy, you can preview the alpha version here.


Lets have a look at the Youtube players. The idea here is that you can set an in-point and an out-point, between which the video will be looped. Now a video is encoded using something called “keyframes”, which is basically a sync-marker embedded within the content stream. If you scrub to a certain point in a videofile it will actually skip to the nearest keyframe, and not to the exact point. Since the keyframes in Youtube-videos seem to be about half a second apart from each other, setting an in-point isn’t very exact.

The Youtube Api offers a ’seekTo()’ method, and an ‘cueById’ method, that then needs to receive a startVideo() command to do it’s work. So as I said earlier, seeking (seekTo) isn’t very exact, but giving a cueById and then a playVideo is exact, but then Youtube will reload this video. The ‘use Seek’ option switched between these lookup functions.

The usePause-switch pauses after the out-point, giving  a more exact playback.

With the steppers on the right you can refine your in and out points


In the center is the crossfader, use addaptive mix (both channels are at 100% in the center of the crossfader) or crossfader-mixing (both channels are at 50% in the center of the fader).

Also, use the two Youtube searches to get your content.

Props to twoyoutubevideosandamotherfuckingcrossfader

I can haz Audiomixer?



So we are tinkering with this interactive video platform, Marduq, and I wanted to make an Mp3 player, to go with your video. Or slideshow. Or whatever. Like so. But you may notice that if you start fiddling with the volume, the system breaks. Crashes. Burns. Death. Agony.Wailing.

This is because in Marduq, we only have 1 channel of audio mixing, ie. the video-soundtrack. But as research of Surfinnetje showed over a year ago: Watching snowboarders in a half-pipe and choosing different mp3-files is fun. So we needed a way to track different soundtracks in the system. Both mp3, system sounds, ambient sounds, youtube sounds and video sounds. And of course a master.

Well. Here is the prototype.

* applaus *

* applaus *

This thing mixes a youtube channel and flash net video together with a couple of mp3 files. The mp3 even have balance dials The youtube and the master have balance dials, but they do nothing. Also. The video and youtube can not be paused in this prototype. The PlayheadController will take care of that.

And when you start-up, everything is ON . TOGETHER. Making NOISE!

And some props. On a side note. I can now also build twoyoutubevideosandafuckingcrossfader. Now if only I could get those youtube players to pitch… hmm…

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Funny video editing bits

The introduction of digital editing was for television makers the equivalent of switching from the type writer to a word processor. You could now edit 24 hours of film on the fly, giving way to reality television.

This is brilliant. Funny too.

Charly Brooker on Making a news item

YouTube Preview Image

Charly Brooker on Making a reality television

YouTube Preview Image
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Running Indeo 5 codecs on Windows 7

Yes. It can be done!

Here’s how through Respect and adoration to you; You just saved 5 hours of my life :)
And if for some reason this information expires, I’ve copied it here again :)

First and foremost, you will need the Ligos Indeo Legacy Package (IV31, IV32, IV41, IV50, YVU9), which I believe is freeware according to my source. It will install Indeo Video codecs for 3, 4, 5, and Indeo Raw (YVU9). The filesize should be about 2,068,266 bytes. You can get it at…

Indeo Codecs Legacy Package (IV31, IV32, IV41, IV50)

Once installed, incredibly enough (believe it or not) you may still run into problems opening your IV50 encoded video. Why? That’s because the Indeo installer FAILED (tch! tch!) to register the dll on Windows 7! Is it Indeo’s fault, or WINDOZE SEVEN’s fault, or BOTH? Who knows? Who cares? OK, I do, but that’s a debate for another time. Right now I am itching to share the solution for the good of all mankind.

So go ahead and click that round Microsoft thingy at the bottom leftmost part of your desktop. Then click on All Programs followed by Accessories. Look for Command Prompt and right-click on it. Then click on Run as administrator. Helloooo, are you paying attention there? There’s a reason why it’s ITALICIZED and BOLDED! I cannot stress enough how *VERY* important this Run as administrator priviledge is, which is a very common problem in Windows 7 with some programs. Ignore it for this instance, and you will be smacked with a pop-up window out of nowhere happily informing you that “… the codec was loaded but the call to DllRegisterServer failed with the error code 0×8000ffff”.

Assuming that you had followed the given instructions right down to the letter, you should be idling at the command prompt right now. Go ahead and type in the following:

 regsvr32 ir50_32.dll

Press your Enter key, and voila, *hopefully* your problem should be solved. I know it did mine.

Little addition, you may need to restart your computer.

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But is it art?

“There ya go!”
- Familiy guy <<— Click

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V8, I haz it.

“happy happy, joy joy!”

– Ren and Stimpy


Yes, this machine rocks so hard that it actually makes my balls hurt. I’ve tried it just for an hour (will start to play with it next saturday) but ooooh, man!. It rocks. It has nam mix, fam mix, feedback and EIGHT inputs and throughputs. Owman, owman. it rocks. great luv it. drool. *sob* happy happy… joy…

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Why Joost fails

“Sex sells”

- fact

Actually the rule-of-porn, as we like to call it, isn’t as widely applicable as most media-theorist would have us believe. Yes it did win the VCR-wars of the eighties, and it has been a factor in the CDROM wars of the early nineties, but it hasn’t been a factor for youtube and the Porn industry actually opposes the HD revolution. Having said that, I still think that if Joost wants to get any market share, they should start serving porn now.

Who still remembers Joost ? The heavily anticipated television-on-demand program that uses peer-to-peer technology. It should have been the killer-app for the new age. It would bring the personal computer to the living room at last and it would revolutionize the way we perceived television. 18 months later the service is sill in Beta, waiting times are annoyingly long and the content is mediocre at best.

So what this program need is PORN. lots and lots of porn. A payment gateway to watch porn and an amazing collection of naked young women getting drilled by big black guys. No really. And I can prove it too; the flash-clone of Joost by Paul Yanez, is used more then Joost itself. The program simply plugs into Youtube, or any video site for that matter, including pornotube!

I rest my case. Read more about it,  It seems that the laws of old, sometimes still serve the new. Goodnight, Joost.

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The Bionic woman

“Do androids dream of electric sheep?”

- ‘Do androids dream of electric sheep?’ – Philip K. Dick

Let me try to explain what I have been doing the last couple of weeks. For ‘the national career event‘ in the Netherlands we were asked to build a viral. Literally. So we did some research and came back with an idea about making a ‘digital recruiter’, an online interview, but with a computer. Then the client said yes, and we were fucked.

Although the idea seemed to be fairly straightforward, the sum of it parts came out a lot bigger compared to what we anticipated. There was the ‘video’ bit, which we outsourced, there was the, ah, ‘talking engine’, that matched keywords to certain video files. And there was the ‘player’, which mixed the video together and handled user input. We even through in a sponsership deal, by which the client could recoup a bit of the investment in our product.

So with that, we set out to work. Which was about the same time that friend Hidde came back with an assignment for 9292, the game. Keep that in mind, that all the while there is another game in development here at Sense as well.

We called some friends of ours, a company called ‘Bigshots’, and asked them if they were interested in doing a video-viral with us. As we would would be drowning in concepts and programming, we needed somebody to focus solely on the video-part. They came up with this fantastic actress; Jennifer Hoffman, and started to plan a shoot. I started testing with flash video and loadbalancing multiple files simultaneously and Gnuif started mumbling about something he called “the great hat“.

Then suddenly it was alive…

No really, somewhere during these efforts Chantal was born and we nourished here into adulthood. The first prototype contained but one question; “are you horny or do you want a cookie?”. It did feature 20 clips or so, but it played magnificently. A design was made by Nz and the videoshoot came near.

With the basic prototypes of a player Gnuif started tinkering with his ‘great hat‘-system. Now I first proposed a xml-based system that would wander through a series of nodes. So if there were four possible options for a next videoclip, it would measure recognized keywords against one and other and come back with the videoclip or event that was mostly matched. Nz however wanted more for his script and Gnuif and he sketched out a system that would take all variables (including the time and the scene) and match that against ALL the videoclips. So the main difference between these two systems is that the first would wander to a predefined tree-structure and the second could come back with anything because time is accepted as a variable (allowing to jump to and from scenes, but also allowing to connect scenes in between). The system is called a big magic hat, because it can come back with anything from anything, instead of walking predefined paths.

This seems all very nice, but the downside of such a system is, that the databse of events (in our case little bits of video) has to be very precisely defined

Without further ado:

the bionic woman

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