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Note to Self

Do not make machines in the image of the mind!

- Butlerian Jihadist

Damnit, I really need to clean out this blog (sigh) — sometimes I think it takes more time to manage a blog then to actually write it. Meanwhile, here is something to amuse you all: :)

Also… I need to update the smileys :/

Posted: August 6th, 2009
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Zoning out

Zoning out. Just zoning out. Turn on, tune in and drop out.

We’re finishing up the most complicated project untill now. To be honest it isn’t the most pretty code I’ve ever written but it’s neat.  If you like to check it out: NL tracks. It’s dutch only I’m afraid.

This one has really a potential to grow. Tonight we had a group session with some people from the target-audience, working with the site. It is really nice to see people working with a product that we made. It reminds me of Apenkooi; when the first guy actually completed the game in 17 seconds. Later he came up to me while I was veejaying and told us he was the guy. I told him to take the stage and play the game for us on the screens in the club and he amazed us by completing the course in 18 seconds. My personal record still is at 21 seconds Wink

In any case, after almost a year of research and programming we have come up with a beta that -I think- has great potential.Technical details include a completely XML-skinned application on a ‘canvas’ interface. It’s is like google maps, it can be dragged around. All interactive elements can talk to each other and the system tries to show relations with the ‘current’ content (a radio, a video, news) and the ‘other content’. We’re now applying it to light-news and music, but be fitted easily for an important news event (elections 2008? georgia crisis). The content is mostly ‘generated’ from other sources and used in the site.

I don’t say it a lot, but I’m kind of proud

Now it’s time to take a step back. To zone out a bit. focus on friends, family and more. This is XangadiX, zoning out.

Posted: September 23rd, 2008
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