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Google is Hitting on Me

But What is it ?


Yup, that resolves to Google allright

Someone or something up at Google HQ up in Mountain View CA apparently thinks is a pretty cool site.

That is to say he, she or it has been visiting and navigating it for some time today, and it has been doing so with a device that has a 1024×1024 pixel resolution, and no known Browser or known Operating System.

So, what device has Flash capabilities, a 1024×1024 resolution and runs on some weird software, at Google ?

Posted: July 20th, 2010
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I love this theme

“Less is More”

a phrase from the 1855 poem “Andrea del Sarto” by Robert Browning
[ or] The phrase as adopted by the architect Ludwig Mies van der Roheminimalist design

Or so Wikipedia says.


I love this Minimalist theme, made by one Joey Robinson at techdesigns or
(so says the link).

It’s neat, it’s slender and it works on 800×600 pixels!

Posted: October 16th, 2009
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