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Then the world changed…

I didn’t do anything, as we were to busy smelling each others farts.
-You, probably me, talking to your kid in thirty years time. Explaining why it is such a mess then.

This is one of those posts, that should start with something about how long I haven’t posted  on this blog. Although that would be true, and it would make an okay opening I guess, I am starting with something else. Something you’ve all heard about by now, even those suckers who are trapped on this page by a Google on ‘ duct tape’ .  I mean you, accidental visitor who searched for duct tape. And who choose ‘images’ on Google to search. And couldn’t help yourself when you saw this picture on page 2. And thank you 14000 visitors a month.

Yes, now you are here on a completely different subject. It is not what you are looking for, but read on anyway; All of you who read this, just click ‘more’, and read on for a bit. It is needed and it is important.


Duct Tape

Suzi in duct tape

And the duct-tape programmer is not afraid to say,
“multiple inheritance sucks. Stop it. Just stop.”

The Duct Tape Programmer. Read it ! Are we getting through to you people ?
Stop talking about design pattern And write some freaking code already.

aaah… finally somebody understands me!


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Posted: October 16th, 2009
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