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Android has Beaten Steve. Already.

“Android devices collectively represented a 34% share of the US market in the quarter, and with growth of 851% Android became the largest smart phone platform in the country.”

As the newsagents and poornalists in the western hemisphere are still writing what Mr. Murdoch is telling them to write, the normal people appear to be more reasonable and wait out for a real operating system. As a rule of thumb I’m always going with the opposite of what Rupert tells me.

Now these numbers need to be taken with just a tad caution, since doubling your sales is fairly easy when you have relatively low sales, but heck, with 851% (thats eight-hundred and fifty one percent) growth who am I kidding. Let the number role around in your head a bit. 851 percent. 851. hmmm…

It also appears that the Chinese have a special disliking for Apple:

‘The story in the Asia Pacific region is similarly optimistic around Android,’ noted Senior Analyst, TY Lau. ‘Android devices are gaining good traction in markets such as mainland China and South Korea, with growing numbers of consumers wanting more sophisticated smart phones.’

And as we all know, the Chinese are reasonable people.

Here are the market shares; note that these are Smart Phone numbers, and not regular mobile phones, smart phones represent only a fraction of the total number of mobile phones in use; 6 percent of the US market and only 0.8 percent of the Chinese market. (source)


Eat that Steve. 83 percent of the Smart Phone market will run Flash! Go and fix an antenna or something.

via Canalys

teehee… Steve asks if people will stop jail braking their phones, or he will cry. Or something.


STOP IT! please ?!

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Google is Hitting on Me

But What is it ?


Yup, that resolves to Google allright

Someone or something up at Google HQ up in Mountain View CA apparently thinks is a pretty cool site.

That is to say he, she or it has been visiting and navigating it for some time today, and it has been doing so with a device that has a 1024×1024 pixel resolution, and no known Browser or known Operating System.

So, what device has Flash capabilities, a 1024×1024 resolution and runs on some weird software, at Google ?

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10 inch Malatas SMB Android tablet: DO WANT !

“Oh! this is the nVidea stuff… “ — Yes! Hardware Accelerated Flash 10.1


“ah, too bad, no flash… yet” — hmm… yet.  :-/

YouTube Preview Image

And this is shipping in September!
through Engadget

Posted: June 18th, 2010
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Android phone is for porn

Yes, and there you have it:

YouTube Preview Image

goes with this article

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