Then the world changed…

I didn’t do anything, as we were to busy smelling each others farts.
-You, probably me, talking to your kid in thirty years time. Explaining why it is such a mess then.

This is one of those posts, that should start with something about how long I haven’t posted  on this blog. Although that would be true, and it would make an okay opening I guess, I am starting with something else. Something you’ve all heard about by now, even those suckers who are trapped on this page by a Google on ‘ duct tape’ .  I mean you, accidental visitor who searched for duct tape. And who choose ‘images’ on Google to search. And couldn’t help yourself when you saw this picture on page 2. And thank you 14000 visitors a month.

Yes, now you are here on a completely different subject. It is not what you are looking for, but read on anyway; All of you who read this, just click ‘more’, and read on for a bit. It is needed and it is important.

Ah! got you here! You clicked that ‘more’ link! so now yo’ve got to read on:

I’ve prepared a page, and something to find here, or at or whatever.

Read, interpret. Publish!

Luckily a few people actually do have a head on their body and mirror the Leaks, download the torrent and support the cause. Those who don’t, may want to know that this is actually what the internet was made for. What We were doing on the wubz in the first place. If you disagree, get off, tune out and get lost.  This network was not build for you.

Well okay and there was this video I did for Thomas and

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And now for something completely different; some one paragraph comic reviews.


The Killer (Le Tueur), is brilliant. Beautifully, held back and minimalistically drawn (some hints to Herge’s ‘clear line’), as the French do well; and intriguing storyline. The inner thoughts of a Hit-man-for-hire. Soon to be released on film, starring Brad Pitt apparently. Good read, good buy (got the first three parts bundled myself).

The boys, TP #7; “the innocents”. Pft. What can I say? Im collecting the stuff since Ennis and Robertson seemed like a dream-team; and they sure had there moments, but the series is flunking now. Robertson seems to be bored drawing it, ant the story is just going through the motions. Nothing exciting, nothing really special, just an o-kay read. But if you have money to spent, go buy Preacher. That is what I should have done.

” The Plot ” ; the last Graphic novel of Eisner, I got on a bargain (in dutch translation). As it is the last book of Eisner I thought it would go nicely next to my “the best of the Spirit” by DC and Eisners two graphic storytelling books. It’s about a scam called The protocols of the Elders of Zion which is based on a Satire by a Frenchmen in the 18th century, which actually brought it to my attention. ( if that ain’t elitist, I don’t know what is.)
The comic is a fun read. Even at the end of his life Eisner was an exceptionally brilliant comic-artist of which we may say just one per century, and I’m using 2 paragraphs, because it’s such an interesting uhm… node? on that whole ‘elders of zion phenomena” And of course because it is fucking William Eisner, that has to mean something.

Paradis Perdu is something else. As some of you may know, I’m thinking about a comic on angels for quite some time now, and this french comic is doing that. Admirably. They came up with a couple of visions of hell and heaven that I hadn’t envisioned. Yet. Such as the apocalyptic network of trains transporting the damned. All Auschwitz style, with wooden cattle-wagons etcetera and all that. And with the rail shaped like a giant roller-coaster. Very cool stuff. Still, story is slow, with only two parts available in Dutch and 6 still to come, I can’t really say that I like it or not. It’s well drawn. Pretty well written (in translation) and … well… could be an interesting series. But. You know. Meh ?


As I am sure nobody is actually reading this upto this point, I’m confident that I can just talk to myself here for a bit. There was a section once on this blog, about me, talking about what I had been up to. This saved me from quite some extra taxes once as the dutch IRS didn’t believe my working hours. So lets’ keep that up again.


Well now. Where to begin ?

The pas few months have been dominated by working for Accenture; the performance delivered company. In all those weeks I still haven’t figured out what this top-500 company actually does. I’ve been doing a show called ‘the innovation awards’, and I’ve learned that they pay me by doing ‘consultancy’, which, I’ve gathered, makes you a ton of money. I should consider doing it.
However it may be I have finally been able to put it aside. I don’t want to talk about it anymore. If I see the accenture logo, I shudder. Let’s leave it at that.

Then there was the business of NLtracks, which wanted a particularly strange project. We have been providing them with a all-flash site based on the ‘endless canvas principle’, which took a lot out of me to be honest, but which I may open source, I hope, very soon. But all the buzz about HTML5 and the fact that they couldn’t check their own site on their precious Macintoshes and iPhones freaked them out, so they wanted a HTML solution for their site. So we provided them with either the most abhorrent, or the most brilliant solution we could think of. A HTML version layed on top of the flash site.

Wait. Wut?

Yes, I had that exact same thought.

Still we’ve build it. We even seem to get payed for it, but My God man. This isn’t how it was meant to be. I’ve either created a monster, or it’s the smartest thing we ever came up with. I’m not sure yet. Traffic numbers seem to indicate we’ve done our job. But this one is … well, something to think about. Thouroughly.

What else? There was the matter of a musical I had to attend to, and which my VJ-students seem to handle quite well. Still, finding yourself on a stage-bridge in a theater, with a laptop. Mixing in decors while the actual premiere is only hours away tends to arouse the nerves.  Also, I’ve been busy telling people at art school what a VJ is. They seem to get the message.

And then I’m working on a new project involving cars, I just might write more on that later…

8 - = five