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10 inch Malatas SMB Android tablet: DO WANT !

“Oh! this is the nVidea stuff… “ — Yes! Hardware Accelerated Flash 10.1


“ah, too bad, no flash… yet” — hmm… yet.  :-/

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And this is shipping in September!
through Engadget

Posted: June 18th, 2010
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AS3 Bug of the Week (again? Yes, again)

URLDecoding is one of those things that makes life a little bit more of a pain.

the idea is that in a typical URL certain characters are not allowed; for instance an % or an $ or & are used for functions in URLs, and can thus not be used. Now that is a pain, since some URLs need them. For instance needs to be escaped as the space and the ampersand cannot be used directly. This is done with a %26 sign; ( Every decent programming language has a function called escape or URIdecode to do this for you.

Flash has it too, you can find it in the manual however, it escaped %23, %24 and %26 the %25 escape (the %-sign) is strangely missing and will throw an error.


Because the people at Adobe want to kill me. Or so I think. Why?! Why can’t I escape %-signs?!

The workaround is simple, and reads something like:

function escapeURL(someURL:String):String {
 someURL = someURL.split("%").join("P")
 someURL = URLDecode(someURL)
 return someURL

In the split I replace the % signs with P’s, cuz’ if i was to replace them with %25 it still crashes.

Why, Adobe?! WHY…

Posted: June 15th, 2010
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Android phone is for porn

Yes, and there you have it:

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goes with this article

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The Lama Spits on Joran van der Sloot


So we had a lazy afternoon, and in stead of drinking beer, we decided to make a little game.


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I went to Athens and all I wrote was this Exif script


now I know where it is

So I went to Greece for two weeks and I came back with lots of pictures. Plus, Athens appears to be full of street-art in the form of  a vast amount of graffiti. Now I have a week spot for good street art, so I started to take my own pictures.

Now you might know that digital photo camera’s store a bunch of extra information in the fileheaders. This is called Exif information which makes them more easily exchangeable. The iPhone uses this information to store GPS location data. Without telling the user by the way. Who will then post it online. With that GPS info. Frigging Nazi’s.

Still, it allowed me to write this little application that retrieves the Exif information of my iPhone pictures and then plug those numbers in a hijacked Google Maps-embed, showing you where I took it. Nifty, if I say so myself :)

So, check Athen Street art

Exif on Wiki
Exif page

Posted: June 3rd, 2010
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