News for May 2010

Motherfocking Crossfader and two youtube Videos

Well now,

I’ve finally completed my youtube crossfader thingy, you can preview the alpha version here.


Lets have a look at the Youtube players. The idea here is that you can set an in-point and an out-point, between which the video will be looped. Now a video is encoded using something called “keyframes”, which is basically a sync-marker embedded within the content stream. If you scrub to a certain point in a videofile it will actually skip to the nearest keyframe, and not to the exact point. Since the keyframes in Youtube-videos seem to be about half a second apart from each other, setting an in-point isn’t very exact.

The Youtube Api offers a ’seekTo()’ method, and an ‘cueById’ method, that then needs to receive a startVideo() command to do it’s work. So as I said earlier, seeking (seekTo) isn’t very exact, but giving a cueById and then a playVideo is exact, but then Youtube will reload this video. The ‘use Seek’ option switched between these lookup functions.

The usePause-switch pauses after the out-point, givingĀ  a more exact playback.

With the steppers on the right you can refine your in and out points


In the center is the crossfader, use addaptive mix (both channels are at 100% in the center of the crossfader) or crossfader-mixing (both channels are at 50% in the center of the fader).

Also, use the two Youtube searches to get your content.

Props to twoyoutubevideosandamotherfuckingcrossfader