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Step out of your cage and onto the stage / It’s time to start playing your part / Freedom awaits Open the gates/  Open your mind / Freedom’s a state
- Freestate, Depeche Mode

Come mothers and fathers / Throughout the land / And don’t criticize / What you can’t understand / Your sons and your daughters / Are beyond your command / Your old road is / Rapidly agin’. / Please get out of the new one / If you can’t lend your hand / For the times they are a-changin’.
- Times are a changing, Bob Dylan

J-Ti has left

It’s the best of times. It’s the worst of times. We are playing the high stakes but one of the founders is about to leave. I’m writing here and figuring that even putting this information online can mean problems with business. Knowing that nobody reads this blog anyway (apart from those entering through a google ‘duct tape’ image search) I’m fairly confident that only me will be able to read this. For now at least.

Can I then please mourn a bit and take a stand here for something that touches me deeply? One of my dear friends is about to leave and takes with him a large part of know how about business finance, reason and tranquility. I’m sad though I understand it all too well.

J-Ti has a little one at home and the ups and downs and the risks of pushing an internet company forward takes quite a toll on you. Especially after last year I understand that stability is the most important priority. Especially if a little girl is involved. And with that, gods of karma, all the best for you.

And so we’re are left with three… is Down

infected is heavily infected by some sort of data injection. It was my fault of course. Some dirty pdf virus has pulled my old XP install down and injected all my logged ftp adresses, including And it has been hit hard; the worm has infected all .html files, including the original weblog files (ranging from 2001 to 2008). I will have to clean those out; and maybe put them over into this blog; which I will have to move back to the domain Etc. etc. In short I will have to delete, clean up and prolly rewrite most of the XX website.

It’s weird to lose something like a website. It’s of course never really lost; since I have a big bunch of backups and write ups. But a website is a living thing, having to pull it offline is no fun. And I’m prolly one of the only people who can safely say that it has been out there for 10 years.

Time to do something else there I guess. But res assured the unborn evil and dark lord of the internetz will be back up again. With something that will dazzle amaze flabbargast etc. etc.  I’m too fucking tired for superlatives. Actually I’m wondering if it should dazzle amaze and flabbergast.

Too fucking tired.

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Guess What ?!


there was this game once that got everybody addicted that played it. Yes I mean you Guappa! And then I got bored. And then I tweaked some with my INFECTED site AND ITS ONLINE AGAIN….!

The Horror.

So now you have to CLICK!. you have to CLICK HERE! Do it NOW !

(link will expire)

Posted: January 20th, 2010
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