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Zuda, for real, Yo!


- Wolverine

I thought I had already mentioned somewhere that Zuda comics is one of the best comic initiatives of the last year. Actually a bit longer. DC got it into their minds to start an online initiative where comic creators can upload an 8-page preview of their work, and let their peers review and vote the comic. The winners get a grant from DC (and probably sign their lives away) but may work on their projects. This is a really good and interesting way for new talent to compete with the best (not so) amateur comic writers in the world. This is awesome people.


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Personal favourites?

well… the road and Celadore come to mind, but they won, and everybody thought they were great. Here’s one that lost, but is just plain magnificent. Amazing really. Childrens games. There are already over 215 comics online there. Happy reading :)

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Note to Self

Do not make machines in the image of the mind!

- Butlerian Jihadist

Damnit, I really need to clean out this blog (sigh) — sometimes I think it takes more time to manage a blog then to actually write it. Meanwhile, here is something to amuse you all: :)

Also… I need to update the smileys :/

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