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The thing I hate the most about advertising is that it attracts all the bright, creative and ambitious young people, leaving us mainly with the slow and self-obsessed to become our artists. Modern art is a disaster area. Never in the field of human history has so much been used by so many to say so little.

- banksy 

Waxle thought of me when he read that Embarassed

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Dutch news

If I’d written all the truth I knew for the past tenyears, about 600 people – including me – would be rotting in prisoncells from Rio to Seattle today. Absolute truth is a very rare and dangerous commodity in the context of professional journalism.

- Hunter S. Thompson

This was taken from the handbook of the General Dutch Press agency (ANP). It’s a list of rules describing when a story is important enough to report.

  • Theft: Only reported when the damages exceed a miljoen Euros
  • Marijuana: Ony reported when more then a 1000kgs are involved.
  • Heroine, Cocaine: Only reported when more then 20 kilos are involved.
  • XTC: Only reported when more then 20 kilos 10.000 pills are involved.
  • Car theft: Only reported when more then 20 kilos are involved.
  • Fire: Only told when there is over a million Euros in damages
  • Knives- and Gun-incidents: Only when somebody dies
  • Vice: Always reported
  • Bomb threat: Only mentioned when an evacuation took place
  • Car accidents: Only when somebody dies or when it’s a very complicated incident.
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Seriously, WTF?!


William Gibson – Wikiquote

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The cutting of Sense/Net’s ice took a total of nine days. When asked what he would say about the man who wrote Neuromancer …. said during an NPR interview (30 November 1999 Timecode 11:55); See also: more quotes about the Future – 33k – In cacheGelijkwaardige pagina’s


- Google


This must be among the weirdest internet proze I’ve ever seen. I was icing my way into a press information system and i discovered this feedback:


var loadTocFun=function(){

var toc=TOC

var cPage=1

var cPageName=”

var cSectionId=0

var baseRegionNumber=0



tocA=function(article_id,article_title,article_abstract){toc.addArticle(cSectionId,cPage,cPageName,baseRegionNumber + article_id,article_title,article_abstract)}



tocS(0,"Front Page")


tocA(0,"THE DIGITAL BLAST","Vancouver companies are at the centre of an explosion in the visual effects industry.")

tocA(2,"TransLink’s advice: Leave the car at home,","")

tocA(3,"Officials must smooth the way for commuters.","")



tocA(7,"THE ROAD ( CLOSURES) TO 2010","")


tocA(9,"The city faces a major upheaval,","")

tocA(11,"Surrey’s radical plan to boost business","Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts on Wednesday unveiled a radical new concept to create taxfree economic zones in the city in a bid to attract developers and generate jobs during the recession.\r\nThe stimulus plan designates the City Centre and BridgeviewSouth…")

tocA(12,"UBC researchers find a way to let the sunshine in","On those rare bright sunny days in Vancouver, it’s hard not to wish you had a job that let you work all day in the sun instead of slaving away under the harsh, cool light of a fluorescent tube.\r\nIf a team of researchers at the University of B. C. has…")



tocA(14,"Local firm violated rights of disabled person: tribunal","A Vancouver firm has been found guilty of contravening the B. C. Human Rights Code by dismissing a disabled worker in order to prevent his joining a union, which would have protected him against such arbitrary dismissal.\r\nHuman Rights Tribunal m e m b…")

tocA(15,"Alternative school wins bid to take over building","NORTH VANCOUVER A small alternative school in North Vancouver has won a battle with an independent school over a building that both wanted.\r\nThe board of education voted 4-3 this week to end a lease arrangement that has allowed Lions Gate Christian…")

tocA(16,"RCMP issue warning to VIU students over sexual incident","NANAIMO RCMP officers have issued another warning after several reported incidents of inappropriate sexual contact and indecent exposure on the Vancouver Island University campus. Three female students at VIU ( formerly Malaspina UniversityCollege)…")



tocA(18,"Stonewally to the fore as NDP pounds Kinsella connection","VICTORIA or the second day in a row, the B. C. Liberals spent much of question period on Wednesday facing down an embarrassing line of inquiry from the Opposition.\r\nN ew De m o c r a t i c P a r t y researchers, idly browsing through records in the…")


tocS(3,"Westcoast News")

tocA(21,"Welcome to the 2010 Winter Olympics detour","With the goal of produci n g a n e n h a n c e d Olympic-going experience during the Games for you — the members of the public — we here at the organizing committee are thrilled to announce today our plan of Thoroughfare Redesignation, which some…")

tocA(23,"Best bet for the Winter\r\nGames: Use transit","Vancouver will face one of its most ambitious tests during the 2 0 1 0 O l y m p i c G a m e s a s i t attempts to move Super-Bowlsized crowds around alreadycongested city streets and into the mountains in the dead of winter over 17 days.\r\nTo deal with…")

tocA(25,"SOUND OFFS","Readers have their say about the Olympic traffic plans in comments posted to vancouversun. com This is ridiculous — the DVBIA should lobby city hall for reparation paid to the thousands of businesses that will have to shut down because their staff…")


tocA(26,"TransLink expects to meet demand","Leave the car at home, take transit and be patient.\r\nT h a t ’ s t h e a d v i c e f r o m TransLink officials who say there could be upwards of 100,000 people in the downtown core daily d u r i n g t h e t w o – w e e k 2 0 1 0 Olympics.\r\nTransLink…")


tocA(28,"Police seek assistance in probe of Surrey death","A man shot in Surrey on Feb. 27 has died of his injuries, RCMP s a i d We d n e s d ay in a pr e s s release.\r\nSteven Nicholas Dodd of Surrey died March 6. He was found in a residence in the 1300-block of 108th Avenue with a gunshot wound to the…")

tocA(29,"Kamloops police arrest four local gang suspects","Kamloops RCMP have arrested four men believed to be key players in the Independent Soldiers street gang, including the person police have identified as the leader of the local chapter.\r\nJayme Norman Russell, 27, Ryan Adam Way, 30, Sean Robert Fouts,…")


tocA(31,"SPCA frustrated by lack of resources to save wild horses starving to death","A senior official with the B. C. SPCA says he is frustrated by his agency’s limited ability to deal with complaints coming in from around the province of horses starving to death in the cold weather.\r\n“ There seems to be an expectation that the SPCA…")

tocA(33,"An orange a day may keep that gout away","Men with a higher intake of vitamin C from food or supplements have a lower risk of developing gout, a form of a r t h r i t i s f r o m u r i c a c i d buildup that causes inflamed joints, researchers said on Monday.\r\n“ Vitamin C intake may provide a…")


tocA(38,"Cash infusion revives English Bay fireworks","One month after being cancelled, Vancouver’s annual fireworks celebration has found enough new sponsorship money to return to English Bay for four nights this summer.\r\nVancouver Fireworks Festival Society chair Brent McGregor said Thursday that he…")


tocA(40,"Bodyguard gets life for Whistler murder","A drug dealer’s armed bodyguard was handed a stiff sentence We d n e s d ay f o r a mu r d e r i n Whistler two years ago.\r\nB. C. Supreme Court Justice Christopher Hinkson sentenced Shane Richard to life in prison without parole for 16 years for the…")


tocA(42,"A- G’s remarks irrelevant, judge says","A provincial court judge said Wednesday that she is not paying attention to public statements by Attorney-General Wally Oppal urging judges to refuse bail in gun cases.\r\nVancouver Provincial Court Judge Jeanne Watchuk assured a defence lawyer for a man…")


tocA(43,"Junior spellers face off this weekend in Langley","Metro Vancouver’s littlest logophiles will show off their smarts this Saturday during Langley’s Willowbrook Junior Spelling Bee.\r\nThe spell-off will showcase the skills of more than 50 seven-and eight-yearo l d s t a k i n g o n t o u g h i e s s u c h…")



tocA(45,"Program expected to create 4,000 jobs","In announcing the plan to business leaders at her annual State of the City speech, Watts said no country has escaped the effects of the global recession or is immune to the faltering financial markets around the world.\r\nSurrey has already lost jobs…")

tocA(47,"Province wins battle over bikers’ clubhouse","The B. C. government has won a c o u r t b a t t l e a g a i n s t t h e Nanaimo Hells Angels over control of their biker clubhouse in t h e f i r s t c h a l l e n g e o f t h e province’s civil forfeiture law.\r\nB. C. Supreme Court Justice Barry…")

tocA(48,"Temperature a record low for March 11","Wednesday’s nippy weather broke a 58-year-old record, with the morning temperature dipping to – 5 C at Vancouver International Airport, according to Environment Canada.\r\nThe previous record low for March 11 was – 4.4 C, set in 1951.\r\nThe coldest…")


tocS(4,"The Editorial Page")

tocA(49,"B. C. needs a registry to tell patients how long the wait will be","Most of the attention on waiting lists in the health care system has been on how long it takes to get surgery once it has been prescribed.\r\nBut for British Columbians with medical problems that require more help than their family doctor can provide,…")

tocA(50,"Leading the NATO alliance","Not long ago it seemed the Harper government had little interest in restoring Canada to a leadership position on the international scene. That’s changing.\r\nCanada is, reportedly, pursuing a seat on the United Nations Security Council with vigour. And…")

tocA(51,"Violence against Rihanna is more than a personal issue","Re: Rihanna and domestic violence: history repeating itself, Shelley Fralic, March 6\r\nAs a transition house worker for the past 16 years, I read Shelley Fralic’s column with great interest.\r\nIt is not easy to look at the photos of Rihanna; it is…")

tocA(52,"Denying girls an education shows a lack of civilization","Re: Educating girls is the best investment the world can make, Stephen Hume, March 7\r\nMy only quibble with Stephen Hume’s excellent column is that it wasn’t a lead story on the front page.\r\nAll citizens of the world — leaders, investment bankers,…")

tocA(53,"Social engineering spawns long- term consequences","Re: Same-sex marriage no big deal, Leonard Stern, March 11\r\nLeonard Stern appears to lead a sheltered life. His smug and condescending reflections about “ the Canadian experience” are superficial and highly selective.\r\nHe overlooks attacks on freedom…")

tocA(54,"HOW TO CONTACT THE EDITOR:","LETTERS: Include name, address and daytime number. Maximum length: 200 words. Photographs of writers are welcome. E-mail: sunletters@ vancouversun. com ( no attachments). ISSUES & IDEAS: Include name and number along with submission of no more than 750…")

tocA(56,"Letting kids see violent films\r\nis asking for trouble","On Sunday night I went to see Watchmen, not a movie I would normally view. However, my husband worked on the movie so I went to support him.\r\nI was told it was quite violent; during those scenes, he would warn me so I could shut my eyes.\r\nAs I turned…")

tocA(57,"Liberals have done an about- face on land title","Re: Business leaders don’t like Liberal plans for native ‘ Recognition Act,’ Vaughn Palmer, March 11\r\nPremier Gordon Campbell and his Liberal government are now going to recognize first nations rights to land title. Is this the same premier who in 2002…")


tocS(5,"Issues & Ideas")

tocA(58,"Chickens just naturally want to be free","Harvey Enchin’s attack on Metro Vancouver’s support for cagefree eggs ( Tuesday, page A4), asserts that such support is based on emotion, not science. Nothing could be further from the truth.\r\nThe Vancouver Humane Society bases its opposition to the…")

tocA(60,"It’s time to get B. C. wine regulations out of the dark ages","In less than a year, British Columbians will welcome visitors from all over the world to the Winter Olympics.\r\nNo doubt, our guests will be impressed by our hospitality, our stunning scenery and an established yet rapidly expanding food and wine…")

tocA(62,"Olympic officials might want to assuage commuter wrath","Countless e-mails and protests flooded in from citizens Wednesday after the news — Oh, stop the presses! — that all our commutes into downtown Vancouver are going to be seriously messed up during the 2010 Olympic Games.\r\nThis one, from the Canadian…")



tocS(6,"Canada & World")

tocA(65,"Canada’s economic policy\r\ndraws praise from IMF","OTTAWA — Even as the International Monetary Fund said Canada was in the best position among industrialized countries to weather the global recession, Parliament’s independent budget watchdog cautioned that Canada’s recent performance may be weaker than…")

tocA(67,"Employees finding ways to ‘ reward’ themselves","Faced with anorexic staffing levels and heavier workloads, one in five Canadians is putting in longer hours at the office just to keep up, according to a new national labour force survey. But if the boss doesn’t reward their increased efforts, 62 per…")

tocA(68,"The senator really shouldn’t be taking credit for this","Liberal Senator Pierrette Ringuette has given us one more reason to abolish the Senate. She has persuaded the Senate committee on banking, trade and commerce to investigate credit card interest rates. The witch hunt will undoubtedly paint the banks as…")

tocA(70,"ONLINE","See the top news photos of the day at vancouversun. com/ gallery\r\nBe the first to know. Subscribe to The Sun’s news alerts at vancouversun. com/ newsalerts")

tocA(71,"GERMAN RAMPAGE","Police are trying to establish why a teen gunman who killed 15 people appeared to be targeting women and girls.")

tocA(73,"ARCTIC COOPERATION","Canada wants to work with Russia to advance the countries ‘ common interests’ in the Arctic.")


tocA(75,"Canada extends hand to Russia","OTTAWA — Canada wants to work with Russia to advance their “ common interests” in the Arctic, Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon said Wednesday.\r\nCannon extended a hand to Russia in what was billed as a major speech on the foreign policy…")

tocA(77,"Anti- terrorist law on the way back","OTTAWA — The Harper government has served notice that it will resurrect contentious antiterrorism measures that passed in the heated months following the 9/ 11 terror attacks in the United States but lapsed two years ago under a “ sunset clause” that…")


tocA(79,"Satisfaction","Overall self-satisfaction 1. Toronto; 2. Vancouver; 3. Ottawa Satisfaction with health 1. Toronto; 2. Vancouver; 3. Ottawa Satisfaction with body image 1. Toronto; 2. Ottawa; 3. Montreal Satisfaction with love life 1. Toronto; Edmonton; Halifax…")

tocA(80,"France’s return may hurt MacKay’s NATO bid","PARIS — French President Ni c o l a s S a rko z y ’ s hi s t o r i c announcement Wednesday that France will return to a full role in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization could weaken Defence Minister Peter MacKay’s chances of becoming NATO’s top…")

tocA(81,"Bodychecks tied to injuries","Bodychecking is directly related to an increase in injury in young hockey players, a sports medical journal is reporting.\r\nA Canadian research team systematically reviewed 20 published studies from Canada, the U. S., and Finland, and their findings…")

tocA(83,"Vancouver women happy in their work","Vancouver women rate at the top among Canadian cities when it comes to job satisfaction, a new poll shows.\r\nThey are also the most satisfied with their relationships with friends and family. Though Toronto is often a source of contempt for many…")

tocA(84,"Life expectancy rising in poorest nations","NEW YORK — Life expectancy in the poorest developing countries will rise to 69 over the next four decades if progress in combating HIV/ AIDS and other infectious diseases continues, according to United Nations population projections released…")



tocA(86,"Victims’ gender hints at motive","WINNENDEN, Germany — Police are trying to establish why a teenage gunman appeared to be targeting women and girls as investigators pick over the scene of Tuesday’s school shooting in one of the country’s richest regions.\r\n“ What strikes us is that most…")

tocA(89,"Police seek motive for shootings","SAMSON, Ala. — Alabama investigators said Wednesday they were closing in on a motive for the state’s deadliest-ever shooting, in which a man killed his mother, grandmother and eight others before taking his own life.\r\nThe Alabama Bureau of…")

tocA(90,"Obama picks Seattle police chief for drug czar","WASHINGTON — Mexico’s drug cartels pose a threat to U. S. national security, Vice-President Joe Biden said Wednesday as the Obama administration named a drug czar to lead the U. S. fight against narco-trafficking.\r\nSome 7,000 people have been killed in…")


tocA(92,"YOUR KIDDING","Late-night levity The Tonight Show with Jay Leno ■ The economy is bad. In Beverly Hills, on prom night, some kids might even have to share a limo. Late Show with David Letterman ■ Warren Buffett says that the economy has fallen off a cliff. I say, who…")


tocA(94,"Pakistanis brace for violence","ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — Political turmoil deepened Wednesday and Pakistanis braced for violence as opponents of President Asif Ali Zardari prepared to lead a massive protest march toward the capital this week, while police arrested hundreds of opposition…")

tocA(96,"Feds overturn man’s murder conviction","OTTAWA — Canada’s justice minister took the rare step Wednesday of overturning a first-degree murder conviction and ordering a new trial for Kyle Unger, who spent almost 14 years in prison for the 1990 strangulation death of a teen girl at a summer…")

tocA(97,"Man survives plunge over Niagara Falls","NIAGARA FALLS — A man was plucked from the Niagara River on Wednesday after surviving a plunge over the majestic Niagara Falls that straddle the Canada-U. S. border, police said. The man was taken to hospital and treated for a head injury and…")

tocA(98,"Obama vows to curb pork- barrelling","WASHINGTON — U. S. President Barack Obama on Wednesday vowed greater scrutiny on members of Congress who insert wasteful pork-barrel projects into the U. S. budget, even as he signed a $ 410-billion spending bill laden with more than 9,000 of the…")

tocA(99,"Fuel leak delays Discovery launch","CAPE CANAVERAL — NASA delayed the launch of the space shuttle Discovery on Wednesday for at least a day due to a leak that developed as the ship was being fuelled for flight, officials said. The flight has tentatively been reset for 5: 54 p. m. PDT…")

tocA(100,"Arrest sought for former death camp guard","BERLIN — German prosecutors have issued an arrest warrant for 88-year-old U. S. citizen John Demjanjuk on suspicion he helped in the murders of at least 29,000 Jews as a Nazi death camp guard, they said on Wednesday. Demjanjuk is accused of being an…")

tocA(101,"Two former Hussein officials get 15 years","BAGHDAD — An court sentenced Iraq’s former foreign minister, Tariq Aziz, and Ali Hassan al-Majeed, a senior colleague of Saddam Hussein, to 15 years in prison for their role in what the court deemed a crime against humanity, the killing of 42 merchants…")

tocA(102,"U. S., China weighing responses to North Korea","WASHINGTON — U. S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said on Wednesday there was “ a range of options” that could be pursued against North Korea if it tests a long-range ballistic missile, including taking the issue to the UN Security…")



tocS(7,"Business Bc")

tocA(103,"Surrey, Maple Ridge called best spots to buy property","Despite a recession, declining home prices and slowing real estate sales, there are still towns in British Columbia that have the fundamentals in place for future growth, according to a survey released Wednesday by a real estate investing network.\r\nThe…")

tocA(105,"QUARTERLY RESULTS","Earnings are expected today from Imax Corp., Chartwell Seniors, and MDS Inc. Go to vancouversun. com/ business for updates.")

tocA(106,"POCKLINGTON CHARGED","Former Edmonton Oilers owner Peter Pocklington was arrested by FBI agents in his California home and charged with bankruptcy fraud.")

tocA(108,"Falling prices and interest rates attract first- time\nhomeowners","REAL ESTATE First-time buyers are now the driving force behind a Metro Vancouver real estate market that’s showing increasing signs of recovery, according to a report released Wednesday by Re/ Max.\r\n“ This survey says that people are confident in their…")

tocA(109,"THE OUT- OF- TOWNERS","Real estate is growing quiet on the foreign front, with fewer offshore buyers jumping into Metro housing sales.")




tocA(110,"9 to 5","")

tocA(112,"Here comes the future: Is education ready?","It’s not enough to just worry about how your revenues are going to look at the end of this quarter, and it’s also not enough to be thinking about how your business is going to adapt to new realities in the coming years. We need to take a serious step…")


tocS(9,"The Sun’s Guide To\nLiving Wisely Business")

tocA(114,"Looking for a dog’s house","These tools can help you find petfriendly apartments:\r\nmywestend. ca/ rentalguide/ pets. asp doghouserental. com/ vancouver Tenant Resource & Advisory Centre ( TRAC): www. tenants. bc. ca; or 604-255-0546")

tocA(115,"New- house prices fall as builders make discounts","Prices of new houses in Metro Vancouver continued their slide between December and January, Statistics Canada reported Wednesday.\r\nBut the agency’s measure does not include condominiums, making it an incomplete picture of the market in the…")

tocA(116,"Get a reference for your dog ( seriously) if you want to rent","So you’ve got a reasonably wellbehaved, occasionally quiet, much-loved cairn terrier — Ruby, we’ll call her — who has been your best friend and soulmate for the better part of a decade.\r\nBut you’ve finally decided to move out of Mom and Dad’s house and…")

tocA(119,"Canwest Global given new extension","TORONTO — Canwest Global Communications Corp. won another extension Wednesday to negotiate borrowing terms on its debt with senior lenders and said it was working with noteholders and other stakeholders to recapitalize the company.\r\nThe Winnipeg-based…")

tocA(120,"Philippine Airlines will boost YVR service as others cut back","The global economic crisis has Asian airlines struggling harder than anyone else to keep up international traffic numbers, but, in an anomaly that speaks to demographic change in Canada, Philippine Airlines said this week that it will boost flights to…")



tocA(121,"Peter Pocklington charged with fraud","Armed FBI agents rousted embattled entrepreneur Peter Pocklington out of bed Wednesday morning in Palm Desert, Calif., and arrested him on charges of fraud, a woman identifying herself as Pocklington’s mother told Canwest News Service.\r\nPocklington,…")

tocA(122,"Sudoku solution","")


tocA(125,"CIBC’s Rubin slashes TSX target","TORONTO — The rapidly deteriorating economic environment in North America and elsewhere has prompted CIBC World Markets chief economist and strategist Jeff Rubin to slash his 2009 and 2010 targets for the S& P/ TSX composite index.\r\n“ Even with a…")

tocA(127,"TSX extends rally to a second day","Canadian stocks held on to Tuesday’s gains and added some more, extending the biggest rally of the year into a second session. Gold stocks, bouncing back with a recovery in the price of bullion coupled with strength in financials to power the S& P/ TSX…")


tocA(130,"Plenty of action on Canadian legal scene","U. S. law firms are shuttering their doors and laying off hundreds of lawyers, but the Canadian legal market is seeing firms expand. McMillan LLP is moving into Western Canada by acquiring Thackray Burgess, a 35-lawyer energy boutique based in…")

tocA(133,"It is too soon to be cashing out of bonds","With North American equity markets showing some signs of life on the back of Tuesday’s big rally, investors may be looking to cash out of bonds and move into equities. But if a shift away from fixed income pushes yields on government treasuries higher…")


tocA(135,"FINANCIALS, GOLD LEAD MARKET RALLY","a row, climbing above the 8,000 level on newfound optimism in the global banking sector and a solid rebound in gold prices.\r\nThe S& P/ TSX Composite Index added to Tuesday’s 300-plus point gain, climbing 130.61 points, or 1.66%, to 8011.02 to extend…")


tocS(11,"Tv Trivia Television Information, Please Look Who’")

tocA(136,"Creative solution to an ongoing problem","Two statistics lie at the heart of a compelling documentary that is hidden away on one of the most competitive TV nights of the week. The Wild Horse Redemption, a featurelength film by Oscar-winning Canadian documentary maker John Zaritsky, is buried…")






tocS(14,"Westcoast Life")

tocA(140,"DIGITAL BOOM","")

tocA(142,"Requiem for Peace","")


tocA(146,"Tradition revived","")

tocA(148,"Gorilla Food","")



tocA(150,"Jonas Brothers coming to Vancouver","The Jonas Brothers will stop in B. C. while setting hearts aflutter across the nation this summer. The New Jersey brothers, who were nominated for best n ew ar t i s t a t t h i s ye a r ’ s Grammy Awards, are slated to perform June 30 in Vancouver….")

tocA(152,"Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams tie knot","Mandy Moore wed boyfriend Ryan Adams in a quiet ceremony in Savannah, Ga., on Tuesday, the singer/ actress’ spokesperson confirmed to People. The odd couple announced their engagement just last month after dating off-and-on since March 2008. They split…")

tocA(154,"Panettiere makes life heck for her ex- beau","Hayden Panettiere’s breakup with her Heroes co-star Milo Ventimiglia may be getting even worse than their show’s storylines. Only a few days after Panettiere exploded at photographers at a charity eve n t , t h e 19 – ye a r – o l d i s reportedly…")





tocA(156,"2 Sun writers are book prize nominees","Vancouver Sun columnists Daphne Bramham and Stephen Hume are finalists in the 25th annual B. C. Book Prize competition. Winners in the seven categories will be announced April 25.\r\nThe nominees are: Ethel Wilson Fiction Prize awarded to the author of…")



tocA(157,"Bach Choir explores new works","One of this province’s most illustrious musical organizations, the Vancouver Bach Choir has been performing masterworks of the choral repertoire since 1930. But as an ensemble that also believes in keeping up with the times, it will present two new…")


tocS(17,"Westcoast Life")

tocA(160,"Canadian- born co- producer describes U2 album songs","Daniel Lanois and U2 have been working together for two decades.\r\nAlong with Brian Eno, the Canadian-born Lanois has coproduced some of the band’s most lauded work, including The Joshua Tree and Achtung Baby. For their 12th studio album, No Line on the…")





tocA(161,"Q& A with Jason Meyers","This week, the Project Runway Canada designers were tasked with creating an evening gown made entirely out of Post-it notes. As an added twist, the gowns were modelled by breast cancer survivors; the final creations will be auctioned off, with 100 per…")



tocA(165,"Harrowing work reveals darkness of the past","It’s been 15 years since Una and Ray ended their relationship. When she comes looking for him, it takes David Harrower’s Blackbird a little while to reveal the depths of darkness that the past brings to the present.\r\n“ You’re at a bit of a loss to…")



tocA(167,"Director eyed for third Twilight movie","LOS ANGELES — Spanish filmmaker Juan Antonio Bayona, a horror wunderkind and Guillermo Del Toro protege, has emerged as one of the finalists to direct Eclipse, the third movie in the Twilight franchise, sources say.\r\nSummit, the studio behind the films…")


tocA(170,"New Star Wars series coming, MTV reports","Last year’s animated big-and-smallscreen series Clone Wars brought the Star Wars franchise back to television, but viewers at home are about to get even closer to “ a galaxy far, far away.”\r\nAccording to MTV, George Lucas has started casting for a new…")


tocS(21,"Westcoast Life")

tocA(171,"Wyman, Buble among B. C. Hall of Fame inductees","Former Vancouver Sun arts critic Max Wyman, crooner Michael Buble and radio host Jurgen Gothe join a stellar cast to be inducted into the 2009 British Columbia Hall of Fame.\r\nThey are among the 10 people who will get their names embedded along…")


tocA(172,"FX creators burst into the","Advances in digital effects have thrown open the gates for comic book stories and graphic novels to be rendered in film like never before. Standing just inside the gates is a handful of Vancouver companies that are delivering on that promise.\r\nWith the…")


tocA(175,"the big time","")


tocA(178,"Dance festival revives first nations’ tradition","This evening in the Great Hall of the Museum of Anthropology, the Medeek will walk on the Earth again. A massive brown-gold monster of a bear with a fin in its back, he lived a long time ago in a lake far to the north of Vancouver in a place called…")


tocA(181,"Warming up to raw fare at Gorilla Food","It might surprise you to know Elvis was a raw foodist. Before you start jumping up and down all huffy and demanding a correction on that, let me add this — he did it for two days in 1973. Then it was back to fried chicken.\r\nIn the bio, Elvis Presley’s…")

tocA(183,"VALUE ADDED","In my mailbox, on the day I wrote this, I co-incidentally received an advance copy of The Simply Raw Living Foods Detox Manual by Natasha Kyssa, a former international fashion model. It outlines a 28-day detox program eating raw foods ( soaked,…")













tocA(186,"Today’s Crossword","")



tocS(22,"Road To 2010")

tocA(188,"YEAR TO GO PARALYMPIC GAMES: MARCH 12- 21, 2010","")

tocA(190,"5 to watch","")

tocA(192,"Own the Podium","")

tocA(194,"Parallel Vision","")

tocA(196,"A Paralympic plus","")



tocA(199,"Owning the podium ( almost)","WHISTLER — There is little chance Canada will “ own” the 2010 Paralympic podium, not with Russia sure to be strip-mining the cross-country trails in the majestic Callaghan Valley of precious medals.\r\nBut a top-three medal standings finish, the target…")

tocA(201,"Bargains abound for Paralympic ticket hunters — starting in May","SEAT SALE If a challenging economy has forced you to seek bargains, Paralympic Games tickets might be the way to go. Ticket buyers will pay just a fraction of the price Olympic spectators will pay to see world-class athletes in world-class venues.\r\nThe…")


tocA(202,"A PARALLEL\r\nDREAM","Three years ago, when s p e c t a t o r s u s i n g wheelchairs tried to get to and from the cross-country venue at the Turin Winter Paralympics, they found themselves stranded by a gulf of mud.\r\nThe lack of access irritated International Paralympic…")


tocA(204,"A PARALLEL\r\nVISION","How did all this come about? Attitudes toward the disabled shifted in large part because of the Second World War. Just as the Paralympic Games were born out of an effort to help rehabilitate soldiers with catastrophic injuries, so too have many of our…")


tocA(206,"Party doesn’t end with the Olympics","It’s Feb 28, 2010. An emotional closing ceremonies at BC Place puts an end to the XXI Olympic Winter Games.\r\nAthletes and team officials head home, corporate sponsors fold their pavilion tents and participants and spectators collectively shake their…")




tocA(208,"The New York Times Crossword","")

tocA(210,"The Aces On Bridge","")



tocA(212,"Wait until they tell\r\ntheir mothers","It was a road trip only mothers c o u l d l o v e . A n d e v e n t h e y weren’t happy with the hockey. Having spent their youth trying to escape their mothers’ attention when they did something wrong, the Vancouver Canucks brought the moms with them…")

tocA(216,"BLOG ON, DUDES","The Sun’s hockey scribes are your best source on the Canucks, up close and personal. Check out the blogs at NuckWorld.")

tocA(217,"WINS HURT LEAFS","The sad-sack Toronto Maple Leafs will fall out of the Tavares lottery if they keep piling up points.")

tocA(218,"LEE HAS TRUE GRIT","What Handsworth guard Diana Lee lacks in size she more than makes up for in talent and effort.")

tocA(220,"STRAIGHT DOPE","Gary Kingston takes a look at doping in biathlon, which carries the tainted title of ‘ the cycling of winter sports.’")

tocA(221,"Baseball hits emotional home run with Classic","COMMENT Who needs baseball in the Olympics? Let the IOC kick the sport out forever, if it wants to be grouchy. As long as we have the World Baseball Classic, we’re happy.\r\nThree years ago, the WBC hooked me against my will. The loaded U. S. team…")


tocS(25,"Post- Game")

tocA(222,"Salary cap considered\r\nsafe for next year","N H L The Nat i o n a l Ho c key League appears safe next season as far as maintaining the current status quo with the salary cap.\r\nSince cap figures for each season are based on revenues from the previous season, projections indicate 2009-10’ s cap…")

tocA(225,"Quacks in the armour","Forget dreaming, it was California screaming for the Vancouver Canucks in Anaheim Wednesday night.\r\nThe Canucks showed little killer instinct, never led for a second and finally lost 4-3 in overtime to the Ducks on Scott Niedermayer’s breakaway goal at…")

tocA(227,"Lame- duck Leafs can’t afford many more wins","DRAFT TORONTO — With only 15 games remaining on their regular season schedule, the Toronto Maple Leafs simply can’t afford another victory.\r\nIf Toronto continues to generate points in the standings, it will almost certainly extend to 24 years its…")


tocS(26,"Road To 2010")

tocA(230,"Remember when …","Clara Hughes became the first Canadian to win medals at both the Summer and Winter Olympic Games, when she won a bronze medal in the 5,000-metre speed skating race at the 2002 Games in Salt Lake City. Hughes, a double-bronze medallist in cycling at the…")

tocA(232,"SHANI DAVIS","A day after setting a world record in the 1,500 last week in Salt Lake City, Davis lowered another in the 1,000, bringing to eight the number of world records which have been in his possession. In 2006, the Chicago native, now 26, became the first…")

tocA(234,"DENNY MORRISON","The 23-year-old from Fort St. John will attempt to regain his world record in the 1,500 that was erased by Shani Davis last week in Salt Lake. Morrison finished third behind Davis in that race and ended up third overall behind the American in the World…")

tocA(236,"SVEN KRAMER","In February, the 22-year-old Dutch skater won the world all-round championship for the third straight year, matching a feat accomplished by Eric Heiden of the U. S. in 1979. The Dutch and European champion has nine world championship gold medals, plus…")

tocA(238,"WANG BEIXING","In January, the 24-year-old from Harbin, China won the world sprint championship, becoming the first Chinese skater to do so since 1993. A three-time world silver medalist, she is a threat in both the 500 and 1,000 metres. Coached by Kevin Crockett, a…")

tocA(240,"ANNI FRIESINGER","“ Sexy Anni” has excited readers in swimsuits and less than that in German magazines in addition to capturing hearts on the speed skating oval. Now 32, she is a four-time Olympic medalist, winning gold in the 1,500 ( 2002) and the team pursuit ( 2006)….")

tocA(242,"WORLD SINGLE DISTANCES SPEED SKATING CHAMPIONSHIP","Schedule Today: Men’s 1,500 metres, ladies’ 3,000 metres ( 12: 30 p. m.) Friday: Men’s 1,000 metres, ladies’ 1,500 metres, men’s 5,000 metres ( 12: 30 p. m.) Saturday: Ladies’ 1,000 metres, men’s 10,000 metres, ladies’ 5,000 ( 12: 30 p. m.) Sunday:…")

tocA(243,"At the 2006 Games …","Canadians won eight medals in Turin, second only to the nine won by skaters from the Netherlands. Cindy Klassen led the way, winning five medals — one gold, two silver and two bronze — to set a record for most medals won by a Canadian athlete during an…")

tocA(245,"CIRCUS MAXIMUS","It is part circus, partly a test of human performance in all its glory and fragility. In that re ga rd, Ci rq u e d u S o l e i l t o u c h e s a l l o f t h e g r e a t themes of the Olympics.\r\nBoth are a matter of inches, consistency and…")

tocA(247,"Olympic pedigree no guarantee of success","ISU There will be 36 medals awarded at the 2009 ISU World Single Distance Speed Skating championships, but the men’s 500-metre record holder at the Richmond oval has only “ an outside chance” at one of them.\r\nThat would be Jamie Gregg, who set the mark…")



tocA(249,"China quick to master Canadian pastime","JUNIOR CURLING If you want help with your rugby program go to New Zealand. If it’s cricket, go to England. But if it’s curling assistance you’re searching for, Canada is the place.\r\nThat’s what the Chinese did when they hired Montreal’s Daniel Rafael…")

tocA(250,"There’s a\r\n‘ little’ reason Martin keeps on rolling","BRIER CALGARY — It’s the little things, not the big-weight takeouts, that have put Kevin Martin’s Alberta champs within striking distance of a second straight title at the Tim Hortons Brier.\r\nWhat the fans are seeing at the Pengrowth Saddledome this…")

tocA(252,"Big grit in small package","Handsworth Royals point guard Diana Lee never met a gym she didn’t like.\r\nIf you have a key to one somewhere, anywhere, you might want to keep it hidden. The 16-year-old Grade 11 gym rat will do her best to gain entry.\r\nThe diminutive 5-7 player looks…")

tocA(254,"Venezuela serves up a WBC shocker","B A S E B A L L T O R O N TO — Venezuela took vengeance for a blowout loss with a 5-3 triumph Wednesday over the United States in a World Baseball Classic game where U. S. stars seemed more worried about shaking off rust than winning.\r\nThree days after…")

tocA(255,"No- fluke Dueck skis to World Cup gold in Whistler","SIT SKIING WHISTLER — With nothing better than a fifth-place finish in two seasons on the International Paralympic Committee World Cup alpine circuit, Josh Dueck knew there were questions about his world championship downhill win in Korea last…")


tocA(257,"Expansion Sounders host MLS Cup","The Seattle Sounders, who joined Major League Soccer as an expansion team this season, will host this year’s championship game at Qwest Field. The MLS Cup is scheduled for Nov. 22 at 5: 30 p. m. and will be televised on ESPN. Seattle begins its…")

tocA(258,"Canada misses out on U- 20 World Cup","The Canadian men’s soccer team was eliminated from the 2009 CONCACAF under-20 championship Wednesday after a 2-1 loss to Costa Rica in Macoya, Trinidad and Tobago. A win in its final round-robin game would have earned Canada ( 1-2-0) a berth in the…")

tocA(259,"Wilson inks extension with Lions","Canadian wide receiver O’Neil Wilson signed a contract extension with the B. C. Lions on Wednesday. Wilson, 6-2 and 189 pounds, joined the Lions last September and appeared in the club’s final seven regularseason games and two playoff tilts. He caught…")

tocA(260,"Canadians well back at World Cup","Jay Vincent of France and Simone Hauswald of Germany were the only two athletes to hit all 20 targets on the shooting range Wednesday as they won their respective long-distance events at the International Biathlon Union World Cup in the Callaghan…")








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Comic style videos

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Watchmen review

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