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I phone, therefor I am…

The Vulcans have a saying: "Only Nixon could go to China" 

 - Leonnard Nimoi. quoted from Star Trek, the Next Generation

The Agony.  The Irony and the Horror.

My two main arguments against apple are the apple-addicts known as ‘macevengalists’ and the overpricing of their products. My telephone company however decided to give me an iPhone, which rendered the latter argument pretty much obsolete. I am not a macevengalist, and it is one of the most interesting pieces of consumer electronics on the market. One wonders why the competition hasn’t been able to catch up yet.

Could they have been that surprised?

To be quite frank, I have been following the introduction of the iphone for quite some time now,and the most interesting part is of course its (patented) screen. Now the patent will release in a year or so, Apple has done quite a remarkable job in setting the industry standard for mobile devices. The competition is now so far behind that any telephone that is not similar to the iPhone standards will probably fail. 

Fair is fair,the bets on me Jailbraking the motherfucking device are 50-1, in the first week, but 10-1 within the first month, and the latter one is probably true. Apple has barricaded to much with this machine, although maybe I go for a development leesh and write basic software for it myself. (like a decent app that lets you use it as a USB memory device)

Having said that, I am quite impressed with the way Apple has set up the iTunes system. As you may know I hate Apple so much that I’d rather eat a shoe then install iTunes, but now my phone wouldn’t work otherwise. The hellish mp3 system that is iTunes first makes me connect to a payment gateway for it’s services. Although most services are cheap, free or modestly priced, I would like to get to know my phone first before being presented with a payment gateway, thank you.

Also the lack of copy and paste-capability is disturbing. REALLY disturbing.

Also, the inability to load mp3 files on to another computer then from which they came is another quirk that really gets on my nerves. No really.


And now for something completely different:

Posted: December 22nd, 2008
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