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I don’t even want to begin describing the Irony of this; but Dubai is dealing with a ‘raw sewage’ surpluss. They have to much shit around …


Here is a guy dumping the shit on the street (and beaches). They pay the truck drivers- who are meant to take it to the now overloaded processing plant – per run. They dump it. 

Ow the irony.



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Heck, I’m a fan

The above title is the name of a user group I found on Facebook today. And below is the group’s manifesto:


: We are better than the average human being because we own either or

all of Chanel, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Gucci, etc…

FACT : We are superior humans for owning any of those brands.

FACT : We are hot

FACT : People should look up to us.


- Do you want to know more? – Neil Boorman

And there is more!  A real Manifesto! Smile

The Bonfire Manifesto

I believe that brands have begun to mean too much. The symbol of a

sports shoe manufacturer should not embody freedom. Nor should the

symbol of a bag manufacturer should not embody aspiration. We should

not be defining ourselves simply by the logo on our cars. In doing so,

we hand our identity and our self-worth over to companies whose

existence are geared not towards quality of life, but towards profit.


If the government wishes to improve the quality of British life, and

meet targets for climate change, it must restrict the psychologically

manipulative techniques that are used in emotional branding.

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how the cast evovled… Actually, I think Jude Law had made an interesting Ozymandes; and Kevin Costner had made an interesting Nite-Owl …


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legalize it!


the old man on maryhuana

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