Ow come on!

“Let us be thankful for the fools. But for them the rest of us could not succeed…”

–  Mark Twain

Flash is a lousy programming language at best. Actually it is a matured scripting language. With as3 it has evolved in something that resembles a ‘programming language with downs syndrome’, but the hopes are good that it just may mature into something more reasonable.

Still, a lot of flash programmers consider themselves to be ‘rock stars’. They huddle together every so often in hip cities like London, San Fransisco and Amsterdam and then smell each others farts. If they just would cuddle together on #efnet and exchange lolcats with each other that would be fine by me, but the smug stuck up, apple macbook weilding hipster fiends that come together and talk for hours for about pretty basic programming just gets on my nervers.

These days the Internet is crawling with blogs and newslist of another great ‘flash technology’ that is actually nothing more then some quirk that is finally resolved through javascript (yuk). It seems that they can’t get it into their thick skills that in actuality flash is to blame for it’s complete lack of well thought through design. So pat the poor guy on the back for solving the problem, and start cussing Adobe. Nooo, they actually fly these guys all over the world and let them write introduction to programming books (yes I mean you Aral Balkan) , saying that they are sooooo brilliant. Fuck that. One of the reason for instance that Aral Balkan is renound is that he wrote a JSon gateway for flash. What’s that? Flash doensn’t natively support that? NO. Or, actually it didn’t until as3 arrived; but my point is that flash should have been able to support that from the beginning. Thanx aral that you wrote a solution, but fuck adobe that you had to. Terrible.

And for the record, quit whining about Programming frameworks. I’m getting sick and tired about programming frameworks. Last week I wrote a programming framework; by accident! It just seemed a proper way to build an application. I don’t need a stupid name like pureVMC or Capricorn or FuckYourTightAss! It’s just logic! I actually wrote capricorn and then changed the event system in a subscription system. I call it pureFuckYouVC, because now the Views can fuck with the controller. And how do you like that!

But, I hear the flashers whine, but that’s not encapsulation. No maybe it isn’t, but my code gets the job done without having to write twenty classes to describe what I would like to do later on. You fuckers are so stuck in your ARP libraries and MVC models that actually write something sensible is to much to ask.

Write me a fucking easing function. WRITE ME AN EASING FUNCTION!

* Xangadix has discontinued and is now drooling in a glass of whiskey while sobbing

Posted: October 8th, 2008
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