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The New World Order

‘If I give an analysis of, say, the economic system and I point out that General Motors tries to maximise profit and market share, that’s not a conspiracy theory. That’s an institutional analysis – it has nothing to do with conspiracies. And that’s precisely the sense in which we’re talking about the media. The phrase “conspiracy theory” is one of those that’s constantly brought up to, and I think, its effects is simply to discourage institutional analysis.’

- Noam Chomsky

That’s weird. Just a sidenote to the article really, but it struck me as really weird. I’m talking about the article published at, a dutch news site. Look at the last line:

“Aansluitend neemt Balkenende deel aan de jaarlijkse Bilderbergconferentie, die dit keer wordt gehouden in Chantilly, nabij

Washington. “

Loosely rendered as, after meeting with US President Bush, Dutch Prime Minister Balkenende will attend the Bilderberg conference that is held this time in Chantilly, near Washington. This is weird, since usually the press doesn’t report on Bilderberg meetings. Something must be up. What is more; the conference is held in the US, but should be held in the EU, by tradition the conference moves continent every 4 years. Also, press releases on the actual location of the conference are usually false, sending journalists to the wrong place, so there is every reason to assume that the actual conference isn’t held in Chantilly at all.

For those who do not manically follow blogs and conspiracy theorists on the internet; the Bilderberg conference is an annual meeting of the worlds mightiest leaders. Industrial capitalist, media owners and Politician gather for a couple of days to mingle and speak about the direction of the world. The minutes are kept secret, but usually a speech or two leaks to the internet. Participants usually talk about the conference as an “interesting and constructive” time, but journalist and activist suspect the meetings to be more then that. The worst case scenario is that the meeting sets the agenda of the New World Order, a political doctrine where the leaders of the world slowly enslave nations for economic gain. The main criticism is that the Bilderberg group is a non-democratic power organization that implements actual policy over the head of the people. This argument leads to the conclusion that the Bilderberg conference in essence is the new world order, or world government.

Read also this nice article in Asia Times.

I’m not much for this whole idea of new world order, but I am rather suspicious of the secrecy of the whole thing. And it’s weird that it is actually announced in the press this time.

In 2005 Balkenende spoke at a Bilderberg meeting of a “nieuwe Ordening” (a fairly straight forward translation of “New [World] Order”)

Dat vereist een nieuwe ordening, waarin professionele werkers en burgers zelf hun verantwoordelijkheid kunnen nemen.

- read the entire speech at the Weblog of the Dutch Socialist Party

Of course it isn’t proven that this is the actual speech, but it still leads to worry that a leader of our country uses the excact phrasing of former US president George H Bush.

More worried people can be found at and here

also on the … ah… aluminum cap pages here and here

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Prince of Persia revisited

Foto Prince of Persia

If you are like me,  about 29 years old, and you have ever heard of ‘tsri’ or the ‘fbi’ crack groups, chances are that you were blown away by a platform game in the late 1980s called ‘prince of Persia’. What made this game so exciting was the amazing and smooth animation of the main character, together with smart algorithms that made the character tumble, jump and grip like a ‘real’ human. For us, back in the day of 256 colors and 40 MB hard disk, it was an amazing game, which was actually never paralleled. Sure, there were follow-ups; prince of Persia 2, prince of Persia 3d, prince of Persia, lord of time etc. etc. But they never managed to get the same thrill out of their games as they did with the original prince of Persia.

Now, I’m not much of a gamer, a game has to do be really good before it gets my attention, let alone that I try to complete it. Assasins Creed, the much anticipated game from Ubisoft (which are also publishers of the Prince of Persia games) had me by the balls, even when it was just rumored on the web. It came out for Console, which I do not have and there were positive feedbacks on the web. The youtube videos looked amazing, and I got quite wound up about it. Luckily we decided to by new Computers the other week, and it happened that the PC Repack version of Assassins Creed came down through the Torrents. Which meant that I could actually play the game and it was nothing short of breath-taking and amazing:


“Assasins Creed” is set in Israel in 1100 or so. The makers have gone through great lengths to make the cities look and feel like the real thing. You play an Assassin and are assigned different murders throughout the game. The game physics and AI allow for large crowds of people running trhough the city which is very realistic. Apart from that the creators have put in some kind of ‘free-running’ or ‘parcours’ mode which allows you to run free over the rooftops of Jerusalem like, indeed, the traditional prince of Persia. The look and feel of the game is astonishing (yes I play it with all special effects and top quality). The first look on Jerusalem really took my breath away, but to be honest, I was stoned at the time.

Is there then nothing negative about this game? Well yes, reading up on fora around the Net people find the game tiresome and boring at times; still these half-RPG games should be a bit repetitive, and I really can’t get enough of killing soldiers, and removing archers from rooftops. Repetitive? fuck you, it’s good fun! The third-person camera however is not always very handy, but that might also be due to the conversion from the console and my preference for first person gaming. Last the fighting sequences are a bit too simple, although that changes toward the end. The end sequence however really sucks. But that might be my only real problem with the game.

No, really, this game is really amazing. Looks absurdly well and plays like a motherfucker. I for one can’t wait for the sequel.

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God Save the Queen


Usually I am very picky as it comes to buying comics, but once in a while I take the advice of the nice lady in my comic shop to heart and by something I haven’t read yet on the Internet. So when my bag came up empty (I’m waiting for Fables #10 which hasn’t dropped yet in Holland) I took her suggestion and bought the relatively new paperback by Mike Carey and John Bolton.

Now Bolton I already knew from the Fables spin off ‘1001 nights of snowfall’ in which he painted the story about what happened to snow white after she married Prince Charming. His style is beautiful and original, mostly painted and mostly referenced through photos. On his website he describes himself as a ‘mixed media’ artist, which probably means that he is using a lot of photoshop; still his panels feel more like paintings then works of digital art, which I love.

A second big plus is that this is the first comic that my girlfriend god carried away with, so for first-timers this is a comic to pick up.

God save the queen tells the story of a palace-revolution in Fiery alongside the story of a changeling (half man, half fiery) coming to grips with her magical nature. It loosely ties in with Gaimans universe, using well known characters like Tittiana,  Auberon and Cluracan. There is even a glimpse of Daniel, the current Sandman, in there when the main character Linda is transcending Fiery and returning to Earth through the Dreaming.

Having said that, this comics is self-contained and no prior knowledge is necessary for understanding the story line.

Early in the story we learn that Heroin and the blood of a changeling is a very good high for Fair Folk, and Linda is introduced to a group of Fieries that keep themselves busy with just that. After they enter Fiery they notice that something has changed, and they soon learn that Queen Titiana has been replaced with Queen Mab who intends to establish a rough dictatorship for the coming eons.

The story revolves around classic teenager themes such as experiment, drugs and sex as well as what I call ‘gothic punk’ themes as fiery and magic. It reads wonderfully and the pacing of the story makes it a very nice read. As I mentioned the artwork is among the best I’ve seen and never dissapoints or bores. Although it is mainly a dialogue and atmosphere comics, the few action scenes are worked quite well.

This is simply put one of those comics you want to have in your library, and if you are new to comics, this is one that you can easily enjoy without reading the entire Vertigo library before you ‘get’ it.

Check the Virtigo page for a sneak peak

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Turn on, Tune in and Drop out.

“so we were in a shuttle, doing a trawl of the exo-atmospheric ring?Scooping up the orbiting garbage? Well we scooped this shit up, this frozen
ashy shit, did an analysis on it…and it was Tim Leary. And god help us, we
smoked him…”

Transmetropolitan, Lust for Life – What Spider Watches On TV by Warren Ellis and Darick Robertson

What would you have done?!

‘Turn on’ meant go within to activate your neural and genetic equipment.
Become sensitive to the many and various levels of
consciousness and the specific triggers that engage them. Drugs were
one way to accomplish this end. ‘Tune in’ meant interact harmoniously
with the world around you – externalize, materialize, express your new
internal perspectives. Drop out suggested an elective, selective,
graceful process of detachment from involuntary or unconscious
commitments. ‘Drop Out’ meant self-reliance, a discovery of one’s
singularity, a commitment to mobility, choice, and change. Unhappily my
explanations of this sequence of personal development were often
misinterpreted to mean ‘Get stoned and abandon all constructive

- Timothy Leary, Flashbacks, 1983

More people need an active Psychedelic experience thesedays. Sealed

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