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Why Joost fails

“Sex sells”

- fact

Actually the rule-of-porn, as we like to call it, isn’t as widely applicable as most media-theorist would have us believe. Yes it did win the VCR-wars of the eighties, and it has been a factor in the CDROM wars of the early nineties, but it hasn’t been a factor for youtube and the Porn industry actually opposes the HD revolution. Having said that, I still think that if Joost wants to get any market share, they should start serving porn now.

Who still remembers Joost ? The heavily anticipated television-on-demand program that uses peer-to-peer technology. It should have been the killer-app for the new age. It would bring the personal computer to the living room at last and it would revolutionize the way we perceived television. 18 months later the service is sill in Beta, waiting times are annoyingly long and the content is mediocre at best.

So what this program need is PORN. lots and lots of porn. A payment gateway to watch porn and an amazing collection of naked young women getting drilled by big black guys. No really. And I can prove it too; the flash-clone of Joost by Paul Yanez, is used more then Joost itself. The program simply plugs into Youtube, or any video site for that matter, including pornotube!

I rest my case. Read more about it,  It seems that the laws of old, sometimes still serve the new. Goodnight, Joost.

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Fundamental state of Matter

If the physicists are allowed to produce anti-matter, let it be allowed to the
painters, allready specialist in angels, to paint it.
In the surrealist period I wanted to create the iconography of the interior
world – the world of the marvelous, of my father Freud.
I succeeded in doing it. Today the exterior world – that of physics – has
transcended the one of psychology. My father today is Dr. Heisenberg.
It is with pi-mesons and the most gelatinous and indeterminate neutrinos that
I want to paint the beauty of the angels and of reality. I will very soon
succeed in doing so.

Salvador Dali – Antimatter Manifesto

Tom, one of my students writes about the influence of Quantum Mechanics on Art. He has actually produced a quite brilliant tale, not only about the history of quantum physics, but he also came up with a number of very interesting Artist that actually use quantum mechanics as a metaphor; among which is Salvador Dali, the well-known surrealist. The above manifesto accompanied an opening of an art exhibition in 1958. In it Dali denounces Freud as his ‘father’ and accepts Heisenberg as his new parent. Interesting, yes. I wasn’t sure when and why I was going to post this, until Warren Ellis pointed me to a new fundamental state of matter has been found; Science Daily writes about Superinsulation;

it may sound like a marketing gimmick for a drafty atticor winter coat. But it is actually a newly discovered fundamental stateof matter created by scientists at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Argonne National Laboratory in collaboration with several European institutions. This discovery opens new directions of inquiry in condensed matter physics and breaks ground for a new generation of microelectronics.

more can be found here

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I hate Flash (AS3 part 3)

We are the Borg. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile. Your distinctiveness will be added to our own…

- Star Trek

We had a glitch in the CNR website; on a Macintosh (may God punish the users of Apple with lightning and fire) the small Flash application that scrolls the pictures was making errors. When loading the page and clicking outside the browser window would make the pictures go berserk. Now I blamed my intern for writing sloppy code and thought nothing of it. In the v2 of the side I rewrote the entire thing in AS3, thinking that would fix the problem. The original file had used a tween-animation and a masking movieclip to make the animation and the ‘reflection’, in the new AS3 application everything was done in code.

So imagine my surprise when I found out that the new version exhibit the exact same error as the original one. I searched the web for hours but couldn’t find this bug anywhere. I found that quite odd because it seemed so elementary to me. Until there where some vague references to it on Flashkit forums. Still I haven’t found any to fix it to my satisfaction; but it seems that on an Apple running OSX mouseclicks are still recorded, even when the browser window, let alone the Flash application, loses focus. So if I click left from the window flash will still receive a (negative) mouse coordinate. Sloppy work there at Apple. frustrating too. I am now making plans to get some niggers from the hood and get medieval on Steve Jobs ass. (apple bashing is now off)

update: Waxle and I have been tinkering with this last nigth, and it is as I expected, OSX gives back weird coordinates when clicking outside the browser window. But it doesn’t return a number relative to the 0, 0 coordinate in Flash, but a rather weird but static number. Consider the following script:

addEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME, update)
addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, clickHandler)
var mX:Number
var mY:Number

function update(evtObj:Event) {
mX = mouseX
mY = mouseY
msg.text = mX + “, ” + mY

function clickHandler(evtObj:Event) {
msg2.text = “the mouse was clicked at: ” + mX +”, ” +mY

Paste it in frame one and create 2 textfields (msg and msg2). You will now trace the mouse coordinates on ENTER_FRAME and register clicks. This works fine within flash but on macintosh it returns the following when clicking outside the browser:


Click for larger image

107374143.5 -107374182.4 ?!! (which does google some results, but still). The workaround is of course to limit the mouseX input by something like if (mouseX > 0 and mouseX < stage.stageWidth) but still.

What can produce such an error? different assignment of the register in Moterola chips? The overlays with the ’sensitive corners’ in Mac OSX ? I really don’t know.

But still, here is the problem and a workaround, thanks to Waxle who tested this through on the mac. And with this file: mousetracer2.swf you can test it for yourself.

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All hail the bringer of beer

“Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.”

- Benjamin Franklin

Ah, I hate pictures of myself, but for once I found one that was to my liking; here it is:


I am so proud here, I just brought in 20 beers for my fellow Tankers


I’m working on two articles on Philomythos and on Conspiracy theories, but they aren’t even near finished. So be sure to turn on later, stay tuned and drop out!

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