Multitasking is for the Rich


Yes, Steve? I want my money back

Ow that is just dandy, Steve;

11:38AM Q: Are you concerned about leaving out your older customer base (with the lack of features for older devices). A: (Steve) Well, a lot of these products that are out there are the most recent products. The old devices will get the update, but they’ll miss some of these features like multitasking. If that’s an incentive for them to upgrade to a new device… terrific.”

So I have to buy a new phone if I want to listen to music and check my mail at the same time. Well, I will buy an new phone, and it’s going to run on Android so I can download porn from the app store. Thank you very much.

11:00AM These ads are looking a lot more like apps. Almost totally separate apps that live inside apps. Is your mind blown yet?

As it turns out with OS4 the iPhone platform will soon run with better iAds than Apps. Go fucking stick it somewhere. Taking the world by the Balls here. And what is also not really to my liking is the fact that the whole printing industry is licking the iPad like crazy; they should; it’s there last resort, but still. I’m slowly thinking of spraying the lot at Apple with some vaporized drug that will make them think that they are fondled with, by catholic priest who have a special interest in the color of their testicles. They want to dig their way unto the balls themself. And they have cutlery ..!

#Update; Also a nice one for the macevangalists; When quizzed on why Apple wouldn’t allow unsigned apps on the iTunes App Store he was equally combative, claiming that:

“You know, there’s a porn store for Android. Anyone can download them. You can, your kids can. That’s just not a place we want to go.”

Ow? But that is exactly where I want to go. Is this idiot seriously claiming that I shouldn’t be watching porn on my own phone? Should we explain again why Video 2000 failed against VHS? Why Joost failed? tsk.

So the next phone will be nice and Android.

More through engadget

But my guess is that they have used it already. So. How do I make money from this?

I’ve been getting mail from people ( yes I mean you Manne ) why I’m not releasing tech demos for the iPad.

And my personal favorite:
(Also through Boing Boing)

And on some educational note, Elements for Ipad (also through Boing Boind)

So how about a tech demo then? Well, it seems technology has finally catched up; I was browsing through my archive and found this little thingy from 2002. Finally they made a device that can support it. ow wait. The devilish device does not support Flash.

My point is that all this shown here isn’t very new. At Sense we have two platforms around that could very well be supported on a multitouch tablet ( check Nltracks or Marduq) They were actually to be ported to Iphone OS, if Jobs hadn’t cut of Adobe’s flash 5 to ipad exporter. Thanx Steve. But still this is all very well and 2008 technology. Even the gorgeous tech-demo’s from above can easily be done; the real question is: by whom?

These tech-demo’s above seem to be integrated into the pipeline of a Magazine, but I’ve done business with a lot of publishers and magazine-editors and I haven’t met anyone in the printing business that knows¬† anything about motion graphics or video. Assuming that any news room can easily be converted to a video room is insane. The people in charge wouldn’t know where to begin.

The advertisers then? They could hire quality motion graphics people and filmers, but that would greatly cut in their margins. A simple ad for some wrinkle cream goes for 20.000 full spread; the production costs for such an add is just under 2000 euro, maybe 4000 including photoshoot. But if a team of film and television experts has to be brought in, 20.000 euro isn’t even enough to cover the startup costs; let alone the salaries of the marketing manager, the account manager, the secretary, the expensive car and their mistresses.

What we’re looking at here is a complete integration of the television, magazine market and probably the newspaper market as well. And when we talk about it in these terms it starts to get interesting. This is the complete convergence of the entire mass media.

So, how can we make money. To fully understand not the iPad itself, but what the iPad, HP slate, tablet computing, multitouch interfacing and flatscreen television one needs an in depth knowlegde of programming, cloud computing, interaction design, graphic design, real time visuals and Veejaying. So Call Sense now.

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